Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Things

Some new things for me this week:

I've finally joined the new age and am now texting....Or rather, Nate bought me a phone that I have the capability to send and receive texts on. Haven't figured out how yet, but I will.

Mom, jeans. They're called "not my daughter's jeans" and they go ALL the way up to my belly button and I LOVE THEM!!! I am SO sick of trying to find clothes to fit that won't shrink up when I sit down or feel like I'm spilling out the top of them. Goodbye fashion--I'm done with you and moving on to a happier simpler life :)

Vegan Chocolate cake. Viv wanted to make a chocolate cake with yellow frosting tonight for Family Night. We had run out of eggs so while looking for an egg substitute online I found a Vegan chocolate cake recipe that was actually quite good. Halfway through I realized we were out of cocoa so I subbed hot chocolate. Used blood oranges for the orange juice it called for and it turned out great. It was spongy, moist and chewy. I'll have to post it on the Bird Food blog.

New use for a food scraper. If you lock yourself out of a room without the keys a food scraper will work as a shimy to open the door without damaging the door. Nate actually discovered this one, but I thought it was useful information.

The number 1 ladies detective agency and Doc Martin. Two new TV shows the family and I like to watch from netflix.

Posting within a month of my last post.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good times

I've been thinking of renaming our blog to "the rantings and ravings of a middle-aged house wife". Sounds good, doesn't it? All I can think of posting, of late, are whinings and unhappy tales. So...if you don't feel like listening, move on!

I seem to have acquired a "bulging disc". I really don't care how many times Nate explains to me what that means, it's a terrible nuisance and I want it to go away! Imagine not being able to sit down or bend over and pick-up anything on the ground. Now imagine 4 children who do nothing but put things on the ground. We are slowly being buried in our own home. Today I actually stepped over a large grape twig--you know the stick-like things that are left after the grapes are gone? Yep, and I left it there too. It's already dried out and in stick form--what's another week. Sorry, "sidetracked home-executives", I will not be reaching my goals this month.

On top of that we are on DAY 3 of Abby's house arrest. I took her to the Doctor yesterday after my sons carpool informed me that she and her children all had H1N1. Abby started out with high fever, flushed cheeks, lethargy DAY 1. DAY 2, lower fever writhing in pain stating her tummy hurt--THAT and the H1N1 news sent me in to the Pediatrician. Turns out she doesn't have H1N1 she has Influenza B! Who knew? Am I kicking myself for not getting the kids flu shots this year? YES!!! Not to complain, but they were only offered the 3rd Thursday of the month, at a clinic 1/2 hour away, AND, ONLY on Thursdays. OK, so if I wanted to do that I would have to skip swimming, piano lessons, soccer and dance--not to mention someone to take my carpools for preschool and Jr. High. If you add all that up (because you can't reschedule classes you've paid for) it comes to a whopping $75 bucks. Could they make it any less inconvenient? Next year--we will make it! OK, so back to DAY 3 of Influenza B. Today is vomiting day. Oh, JOY!!! Doctor ordered her home for 5 days. Oh, and did I mention, my husband, left her $100 Tamiflu prescription out all night when it says to refrigerate?

Yeah. The rantings and ravings of a middle-aged house wife. I think it fits :)