Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Could it be...Satan?" the Church Lady, SNL

Someone posted an article a short while ago about energy work and in essence the article spelled out how it was from the adversary. That particular post has been weighing on my mind ever since. I feel that it couldn't have come at a better time as I have been contemplating and praying for answers regarding energy work and how it fits in with the gospel or not. About three years ago I was in a place similar to what a woman on FB (Nicole Crapo) described in a recent post on depression. I was crying all day long--daily and couldn't seem to pull out of it. My husband was worried. I had seen Doctors and tried just about every conventional medical treatment there was. I had seen specialists, I had prayed and fasted, I was listening to conference talks daily, but still couldn't shake the thoughts that plagued me--that my children would be better off without me, I was a failure as a mother, I couldn't handle all I had to do, etc. A lady at our church could see my pain and approached me. She said she knew I wasn't into alternative healing, but knew someone that might be able to help. I thought "energy work" was utter nonsense and even made fun of it on occasion with my husband. My friend referred me to a woman named Sheridan Ripley. I was desperate and called her up and asked if it would work if I didn't believe in it ONE IOTA. She said it would, told me she charged a nominal fee and off I went. After three days of having a session with her it felt like a physical weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt lighter than air, happy, and a lot like the girl I was in my 20's. Now being in my 40's I was amazed. I no longer had any negative thoughts about myself, my parenting or my life, Could this be of the adversary? What does he have to gain by my no longer being plagued with negative thoughts? And no longer feeling like my kids would be better off without me? How could this be a plot to lead me astray when for the first time I felt hopeful?
In the article the author claimed that using Christ's name in healing was wrong. But everything we ask for and pray for is in Saviors name, is it not? Someone posted how christ centered energy work made them cringe. But one of the homework assignments I was given by Sheridan had me state daily, "I am surrounded by Angels, Gods love, and a loving family". Conventional therapy would NOT have given me that statement to say. And aren't we taught that the only way to cast out devils is with Christ's name? There are many examples of casting out devils in the scriptures, curses mentioned too. So couldn't they be just as relevant today? I feel like I was plagued by thoughts from the adversary prior to doing that energy work. Did it fix everything that's wrong with me? No, but it did change my life for the better.
The article said muscle testing is of the devil. My first experience with muscle testing was actually 16 years ago when I went to see a specialist to fix my pelvis. After giving birth I had so many complications that my hips were deformed and I had chronic pain. You could physically see it through my clothes. After seeing 5 doctors who didn't know anything about my problem or how to help I found one Doctor that did. The Doctor (an osteopath & internal medicine doc) muscle tested me and used acupressure techniques to help fix me and voila my hips went back to normal. Again was that healing of the devil? I've been pondering this...If our very DNA has a record of all that we do--our choices, etc....(aren't we taught that when we get to heaven our book will be written in our bodies?) If that is true then couldn't our bodies, our DNA much like God knows about the decisions we will make in advance--couldn't our bodies have a clue deep down inside as to what is best for us? Not saying that it should ever take the place of prayer, but couldn't it be a useful tool? I have found that it isn't always accurate as well. But for the most part it has been helpful in finding many things. 
After my exposure to energy work being so successful I had to find out more about it, why it worked, how it worked, etc. i have since attended workshops, classes, conferences, etc. to find answers. While I have learned how to do it I still have no desire to go into it as a profession. The money exchange still doesn't sit well with me as I feel that it is a spiritual gift. And have also felt that many who practice are led astray by the desire to put their worth above others in terms of monetary gain.
Regardless, these are my thoughts. I have no desire to be led astray by the adversary. I do not wish to follow him. I only desire to follow my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate healer. I truly believe I was led to the healing I have found in my life by God. It was what I needed at the time. I still have many questions, but that article does not sit well with me and I see many more ways in which she was wrong in her conclusions. So in a lot of ways it helped me. 

Finally, I made an appointment to speak with our Stake President (high official in our local clergy), President Clark.  I told him my experience, what I had learned, and asked him what he thought.  He told me the adversary does not bring about good, cannot heal or uplift.  He called the work I was doing "Principle based therapy" and said research showed it was far more effective than conventional treatments.  He said what I had been given was a gift and should be used to bless the lives of others.  He counseled me to always seek God's counsel when using this gift and to be grateful for such a gift.  Amen!