Friday, February 17, 2012


OK, so yesterday after school a darling little boy came up to me and asked if we could follow him home so Vivian could come over for a playdate. After speaking with the child's father we agreed upon a playdate for today. As we were leaving from the playdate Samson said "I love you!" to Vivian. Then as we were walking away Viv said that Samson had asked her to marry him and she asked me if she could. I said when she grew up she could make that decision and if she still wanted to when she grew up she could. She turned around and said, "Samson! Guess what? My mom said I could marry you! She said it's my decision and that I can make that decision so I can marry you!" His father chimed in, "We'll see. A lot can change between now and then. Sometimes when we grow up we want different things." I had to chuckle under my breath. He probably didn't like my answer! :)

Then on the car ride home Emmy asked me what the heck Adelaide's song was about from Guys and Dolls the musical. I've been singing it a lot in preparation for an audition. After explaining it she says, "Why doesn't she just propose to her boyfriend?"
Me, "it wasn't proper in her day--they just didn't do that". Emmy, "Well, what about our day?" Me, "Yes, you can do it in our day. In fact, my friend Julie proposed to her husband". Emmy, "I am So doing that! Boy's are so clueless. I'm not waiting around til he figures out he should ask."