Sunday, April 4, 2010

The perfect day

The perfect end to a perfect day. Everyone woke up early to find their easter baskets. After the hunt we ate belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and whip cream. Then we watched conference, practically uninterrupted as the girls ran inside and outside of the house--playing with their new house made from my new dryer box and getting ready for an easter egg hunt outback. After the first session we ate lunch and had 4 egg hunts in the back yard. For the second session I painted all the girls nails and they helped me laminate some things for Joy School.

After conference I took the girls swimming while Nate and Jake went on a practice run with 40 lbs packs for Jake's scout Havasupai trip next week. After dinner we snuggled and watched a movie before putting the girls to bed.

I LOVE conference weekend. I was touched deeply and was inspired by so many of the talks. It buoys me up and helps me feel like I can face anything. With the Lord NOTHING is impossible. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and am so THANKFUL for conference weekend! I wish we could do it 4 times a year instead of two. I love getting to sit in my own home to watch it and not have to worry the entire time about keeping my kids quiet. They can do whatever they want by me and play all over the house or outside and they are happy as long as we are all together. The internet broadcast was amazing, too, on our giant plasma TV. We had no interruptions and it looked just like it would have on cable.