Wednesday, January 12, 2011

help and high school stuff

OK, so does ANYONE know how to post an upright picture on your blog without it looking retarded? Yes, I said retarded. Whatever, I give up.

Nate and I went with our oldest tonight to visit a potential HS. Oh. MY. Goodness!! Holy Cow--it was like a private university. Their language program from day 1 is an immersion program. They're on a 4X4 schedule so they can complete a language in a couple years--including taking the AP exam and then take another. What do they offer, you ask? Oh....Japanese, Spanish, French, and ASL. Their performing arts program offers chamber choir, Vocal Performance--complete with private voice lessons, Gamelan, Samba Corvo, Rock band--they were awesome by the way....many performed for us tonight. Graphic artists was amazing--they pair up with local professionals, have mentor programs. What on earth?!? I WANT to GO THERE! OK, so this doesn't even scratch the surface of what they covered tonight.

The downside--this particular school will mean A LOT of extra driving pour moi. What a brilliant and novel idea--letting the students choose where they want to go for high school. That way the schools have to compete to want to get your child to go there. This is the way ALL education should be based. Nate and I were floored. I hope the other schools are as amazing--especially the one 2 miles from our house. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Signing out...Oh,and I'm serious if anyone can help me make the first page look normal with an upright photo I would be so grateful.